Instructions for monthly payment of loans at PTF

To provide the best service to customers, and help our customer  avoid the situation that customers have to pay penalty fees and have their credit score lowered due to the lack of PTF detailed instruction on how to submit the loan , we would like to send to customers Instructions for monthly payment of loan at PTF. 

Every month, 3 days before the payment due date, PTF will send a notification message including information such as:

  • Payment code: Each Customer will be provided with a Payment Code corresponding to the loan contract in format : MGxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Payment date: You need to pay in full before this date
  • Amount of Payment: including payment (principal + interest) and collection fee

(For the case of payment via SeABank or Viettel Pay account, you will not have to pay collection fee)

In case you do not receive the message/delete the message, you can query the payment information. Pay monthly by contacting hotline: 1900 23 23 56.

Currently, customers can pay their monthly payables in many convenient and fast ways as follows:

  • Transfer money to PTF's account:
  • Payment cash payment through PTF's collection agents:

(Some PTF's transaction points: VN Post transaction points, Viettel Store, stores associated with Payoo: Vinmart + , FPT Shop, Circle K, Media Mart, Kidplaza, Lotte, .. )

  • Online payment via Payoo, Viettel Money apps:

For further information, please contact PTF via:


Hotline :1900 23 23 56