Instructions on how to get it back when you forget your SeABank Online username

To shorten the time to perform basic banking transactions at SeABank, customers often use Internet banking services. However, many customers unintentionally forget their SeABank online username and don't know how to get it back, leading to interrupted transactions.

SeAbank is a reputable joint stock commercial bank that is highly appreciated for its quality, one of the top banks in the country. Besides, SeABank is also a bank with a long and growing history with a lot of experience and a solid management system. This bank also applies many new utilities to serve customers' needs, including Internet banking.

What is SeABank Online?

SeABank Online is a service that helps banks connect online with customers via the Internet for the purpose of serving and managing accounts and especially helping customers keep information secure. This is a new feature that applies 4.0 technology into operation and meets the needs of the majority of customers.

With the SeABank Online application, customers can perform basic operations such as transferring money, withdrawing money online via code, checking account balances, account numbers, depositing savings via the app, paying consumer fees, etc. No need to spend too much time going directly to the counter.

However, in case customers forget their SeABank online login name, it will interrupt the transactions that need to be done immediately. But don't worry because the login name of this application can be easily retrieved without spending much time.

Forgot SeABank online username, how to get it back?
Currently, when forgetting their SeABank Online username, customers can get it back in two ways:
Option 1: Customers can choose to bring a valid ID/CCCD/Passport that was previously used to register. account at SeABank, go to the nearest branch to be guided by the support staff to retrieve your login name.
Option 2: Customers can also contact SeABank's switchboard at hotline 1900 555 587. Customer care department will check personal information by a number of professional measures. If the correct account holder is identified, the customer will be re-issued with SeABank Online username directly via call.
How to change SeABank Online login name to avoid forgetting
After being re-granted the SeABank Online application login name by the above methods, customers can access the application and change it back to an easy-to-remember name to avoid future forgetting. To change the login name, customers can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the SeABank Online application with the old username, on the utility application menu select "change to login".
Step 2: Rename the login name with symbols that are easy to remember but safe enough and few people know
Step 3: If the change is successful, the customer will exit the application completely and re-access with the new username.

Author: Vietnambiz