PTF introduces four cash borrowing solutions with simplified procedures

To assist consumers in gaining quick and easy access to funds in order to carry out their spending plans. Post and Telecommunications Finance Company Limited (PTF), a SeABank subsidiary, will formally introduce four new cash lending product lines in the second half of 2020.

PTF launched new products with simple procedure 

As a result, PTF's four new cash loan products target specialized customers such as: customers with EVN electricity bills; customers with life insurance contracts; customers with electronic installment contracts from other financial companies; and customers with credit cards from banks and financial companies... Customers can simply obtain a flexible loan from PTF ranging from 10 to 50 million VND with a rapid procedure and a competitive interest rate to serve personal consumption and family life.

In the past, in order to meet the maximum needs of customers, PTF has consistently innovated, diversified goods, and enhanced service quality, optimized the process, and shortened loan processing time to ensure that customers are always provided with the best conditions while borrowing at PTF.

PTF continues to enable consumers to easily obtain financial resources to achieve their own consumption demands and improve their quality of life by launching four new products.