SeABank has a new Frenh Deputy General Manager

South Asia (SeABank) recently signed the decision to appoint Mr. Loic Michel Marc Faussier to become the Senior Deputy General Director of SeABank.

Mr. Faussier Loic Michel Marc is a French national, holds a master's degree in finance from Paris Dauphine University (France), has 24 years of experience working in banking and finance, risk management, financial consulting at organizations international financial institutions such as Citibank, HSBC... before returning to Vietnam.

Mr. Loic Michel Marc Faussier is also an independent member of the Board of Directors of SeABank but has not held this position since May 26. Instead, he will join SeABAnk as Senior Vice President.

Mr. Loic Michel Marc Faussier used to be Deputy General Director and Head of Risk Management Division of Vietnam International Commercial Bank (VIB) when he joined VIB from 2012-2018, in charge of risk management of the whole company. banking, including retail banking credit risk, corporate credit risk, market risk, operational risk and debt collection activity.

In the first quarter of 2022, SeABank continued to grow positively compared to the same period in 2021. Specifically, consolidated pre-tax profit reached VND 1,306.4 billion, up 87.1%. Besides, total net revenue reached more than 2,322 billion dong, up 61.28% over the same period last year. In which, net revenue from services reached VND 274.21 billion, up 122.65%. At the same time, net non-interest income (NOII) of SeABank also recorded an increase of 126.47%, reaching 757.8 billion dong. The bad debt ratio is 1.64%.

In the first quarter of 2022, SeABank also successfully offered 181,311,631 shares to existing shareholders, completing an increase in charter capital to VND 16,598 billion.

In 2022, this bank sets a target of total assets expected to grow by 10%; deposits are expected to grow at VND22 trillion, equivalent to an increase of 16% compared to 2021.

In addition, the maximum credit growth rate is expected to be 17%, depending on the approval of the State Bank, equivalent to a net growth of 24,000 billion VND compared to 2021. In 2022, the bank also sets a target pre-tax profit reached 4,866.6 billion VND and bad debt ratio was controlled below 2%

Author: Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin