SeAMobile Biz - SeABank's banking application that brings a digital style to businesses

Digital transformation has become an inevitable trend for many businesses because of the practical benefits it brings such as reducing operating costs, optimizing efficient work performance, and increasing competitiveness in the digital era.

Accompanying businesses in the process of building a modern digital style, in parallel with the central strategy of constantly improving customer experience, Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank, stock code SSB) has given launched a digital banking service - SeAMobile Biz application - providing comprehensive financial solutions, meeting the transaction needs of businesses, saving time, costs and improving operational efficiency.

Flexible and fast transactions

Instead of spending many hours transacting at the bank, businesses can now be proactive and flexible in handling all transactions from internal transfers, interbank transfers, 24/7 instant transfers, and salary transfers. , money transfer with an effective date of the future, quick lookup, and approval of pending transactions, priority transactions...

A bank representative said that with SeAMobile Biz, all business experiences will take place transparent and consistent anytime, anywhere on any device from computers to phones, reducing the workload of business owners and accountants.

Comprehensive financial "health" management of the business

Cash flow management is always the top concern of business leaders. Understanding that, SeAMobile Biz is equipped with a feature to display a chart of the account's revenue and expenditure within the last week (shortly showing the revenue and expenditure status of the business without the need to export reports or statements); Look up card information, credit loans, trade finance guarantees, pay card balances online, open and finalize online deposit contracts.

In addition, SeAMobile Biz is also a data warehouse that helps businesses quickly update information on exchange rates and interest rates on the market in real-time, supporting businesses in carrying out foreign currency trading activities. , international money transfer.

User-friendly experience

In order to optimize the user experience, the SeAMobile Biz interface is designed to be streamlined, easy to understand, and safe with high security when integrating Soft OTP to help all operations be performed quickly on a single platform. . In addition, SeAMobile Biz digital bank also synchronizes data with SeANet application - Internet banking service for corporate customers - making order creation and approval process easy.

In addition, the application also separates user rights by title so that businesses can query accounts, enter orders and approve orders anytime, anywhere. The business director can approve the transaction limit at SeAMobile Biz up to 10 billion VND/time/day and can increase the limit according to the transaction needs of the customer.

Cost is always a problem for many businesses choosing digital transformation solutions, with SeABank's application, businesses save not only operating resources but also actual costs when they are completely free of usage fees. services and money transfer fees on SeAMobile Biz. Customers only need to download the SeAMobile Biz application at the App Store (iOS operating system) or Google Play (Android operating system) and start the quick and comprehensive experience.

Not only can use outstanding utilities, from now until the end of October 31, 2022, corporate customers with transactions of more than one million dong (including money transfer transactions, payment of credit card balances, and foreign currency trading) at SeAMobile Biz e-bank will receive a bonus code corresponding to the number of successful transactions. On the 15th of every month, SeABank will dial and find the lucky customer to receive the iPhone 13 Promax 128GB prize worth more than 30 million VND.

"With preeminent features and utilities, SeAMobile Biz is an effective assistant in financial management, helping to reduce transaction processing time with banks, effectively manage corporate finances and contribute to the implementation of a unique digital style for businesses", representing

Author: Báo Dân Trí