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We are PTF, a reputable consumer finance company in Vietnam

We are pleased to offer a wide range of financial products that best suit your and your family's spending needs.

What solutions do you want to find out?

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Why Choose Us

"Attentive and Dedicated" Customer Service

We understand that every of your concern, situation, and your financial needs are crucial and unique. As a result, all of our staff are trained in dept to be capable of analyzing every situations and provide the most suitable and customized loan package for you.

Simplized loan procedure 

Our process is effectively designed to save time and limit unnecessary procedures for customers. With only 3 identification documents and within 24 hours your financial problems will be solved.

Maximum Loan Amount is up to 100 million VND 

We can give you the highest loan amount you need, meeting your shopping and living needs in within one second ! 

Very favorable Interest rate

At PTF, we consider each customer an important individual, not a number. We understand that each customer has a specific need and different ability to pay. Therefore, the more information you can share, the better interest rate will be applied to you.

Free consultation and procedures

Coming to us, the loan procedure is not only simple, but you also receive the most complete, thoughtful and enthusiastic advice. Call us now!

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